Image size optimization for Shutterstock

All Shutterstock artists know that the maximum file size for Shutterstock is 15 MB for one EPS-file.  Very often, file sizes are bigger than 15 MB. I have found one way to change file sizes. It’s a very simple way.

First, you need a file larger than 15 MB. For example, I made this:


This EPS-file is 18.7 MB, with a width of 600 px and a height of 600 px.  This file needs to be changed. First, I change the width and height of  the file to 450 px. Now, the file size is 18.4 MB, which is still too large. I need a file size smaller than 15 MB. I do one last thing – I create a rectangle with the size 450×450 px, and I use Multiply mode for this.


The finished file has a size of 10.8MB and it is ready for Shutterstock.

I use Adobe Illustrator CS5.